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What Should be the True Price of Farm Produce?
by Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
All of us irrespective of our financial situation need food to survive. We cannot eat nuts and bolts or software but only food. Hence for our survival food is the most important thing. And yet we hardly give a thought for farmers who provide us food. Read On

MSEs and Single Market
by V. N. Prasad
On the July 1, 2017, micro and small enterprise (MSE) sector woke up in a different India, with the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the mid-night of June 30th. The Country now stands transformed as a single market, throwing new challenges to the sector. Read On

Philosophy of Language
by Goteti Rao
Let us examine knowledge and its functions as well as its capacities and dimensions. Knowledge requires a platform to operate, which called language. As a beginning, will it not be easy to explore what we speak and write? Read On

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